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How can a health care organization provide high-quality hospital-level care to acutely ill older adults in their home that improves outcomes, reduces health care costs and enhances the patient experience?

WHC is an innovative care model for adoption by health care organizations that provides hospital-level care in a patient's home as a full substitute for acute hospital care. The program is being implemented at numerous sites around the United States by VA hospitals, health systems (including Presbyterian Health System), home care providers, and managed care programs as a tool to cost-effectively treat acutely ill older adults, while improving patient safety, quality, and satisfaction.

 Compared to similar hospitalized patients, HaH patients experience better clinical outcomes: lower rates of mortality, delirium sedative medication use, restraints. Better satisfaction of patient and family, less caregiver stress, better functional outcomes.

 Cost savings of 19% to 30% compared to traditional inpatient care;ss

 Lower average length of stay;

 Fewer lab and diagnostic tests compared with similar patients in acute hospital care;

 Advances the Triple Aim of clinical quality, affordability and exceptional patient experience.

For 10 years, Hospital at Home has led the way in both biomedical discovery and health care, establishing the standard by which others follow and build upon. This is one of many faculty-developed programs, protocols and services provided by Winning Health Care Solutions to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

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